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  1. NACEC CLG requests members to complete the payment of their Annual Contribution to the Administration Overheads via our payment processor GoCardless, which processes payments via direct debit. This is for both one-off and recurring payments.
  2. You won't be charged for any additional services without opting-in and receiving an invoice.
  3. You will always be notified in the days prior to a payment being processed.
  4. There's no minimum term for any of our services, and payments can be cancelled at any time.

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Why we use direct debit for payments

  1. Since we are a small company handling many singular, monthly and annual transactions of varying values, we depend on automated payment solutions in order to avoid lengthy admin times.
  2. We process one-off and recurring payments via our payment processor GoCardless. All payments are announced several days prior to being charged – this gives you time to cancel a charge if you so wish. We also provide additional notices of upcoming charges so that you’re well informed of any upcoming payments before your account is charged.
  3. For your added peace of mind, all of our services carry no minimum term and can be cancelled at any time.

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Terms and Conditions

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  3. All deals, promotions, and discounts to the NACEC CLG membership community are offered completely at the suppliers’ discretion and NACEC CLG has full discretion on the providers that feature and/or participate in the NACEC CLG Recognised Partner Programme.
  4. Note: The NACEC CLG Recognised Partner Programme is not a formal accreditation programme and NACEC CLG accepts no liability for the quality/service of providers participating in the scheme. NACEC CLG cannot take responsibility for the content of third-party websites or any actions of any third party following direction via our own website, e-newsletter, and/or social media signposting.
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