NACEC welcomes the opportunity to support the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project ‘Spanning Boundaries’.

NACEC – Ireland’s Enterprise Hub Network – supports the commitment of many organisations across the enterprise community who actively contribute to the sustainable and balanced economic and societal development of our regions and cities.

In this context, NACEC welcomes the launch of the ‘Spanning Boundaries Development Programme’ under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance ‘Spanning Boundaries’ Project. One of their key deliverables is Europe’s first dedicated training programme for individuals working to break down the barriers between academia and industry.

The project team will work with HEIs and the business community to bridge the gap between policy and practice through the design and delivery of this experiential learning programme.  Successful outputs will enable university and business professionals to make a stronger contribution to regional economic and social development by facilitating knowledge exchange; support and a closer engagement with each other and their respective communities. Commencing in March 2021, the free programme will be delivered across a European-wide network from 8 European countries.

This Spanning Boundaries Development Programme is funded under the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance and includes 10 partners across the EU.  In Ireland, the project is led by Meath County Council and Leitrim-based Momentum Educate + Innovate and is being proudly supported by NACEC – Ireland’s Enterprise Hub Network.

To reserve a place on the programme, visit SB Training – Spanning Boundaries (