QHubs Quality and Innovation Management Diagnostic

Programme Overview

The QHubs Quality and Innovation Management Programme is Ireland’s Standard for the National Hub Network.

The Programme offers a strategic framework for the management of centre and hub locations through

  • the development of a location-specific growth pathway,
  • the measurement of centre and hub performance,
  • the establishment of innovation and growth targets and
  • the promotion of a culture of continuous improvement, ongoing innovation and best-in-class leadership across the National Hub Network.

At the core of the QHubs Programme are six key pillars, underpinned by comparable and appropriate principles drawn from the relevant families of ISO Standards. These pillars reflect the key strategic and operating functions of all locations across the National Hub Network and are:

  • 9000 Series (Quality Management Systems)
  • 14000 Series (Environmental Management)
  • 27000 Series (Information Security Management)
  • 44000 Series (Collaborative Business Relationship Management)
  • 56000 Series (Innovation Management Systems)

The pillars will work together to achieve, sustain and improve the capability of the centre or hub location to deliver services – consistently and to the highest standard – to the satisfaction of clients, tenants companies, remote employees, stakeholders and the wider community.

How the Programme Works

The QHubs Programme is a world-first, with biennial third-party verification and certification awarded by the National Standards Authority of Ireland NSAI.

The QHubs Programme is designed over a series of managed interactions between the participating location, the QHubs Secretariat and the Growth Programme delivery partners.

Step 1
QHubs Programme Application
Intending Location
Step 2
QHubs Programme Approval
QHubs Secretariat
Step 3
QHubs Programme Onboarding
Participating Location
Step 4
QHubs Diagnostic Completion
Participating Location
Step 5
QHubs Growth Plan
Participating Location

Verified participation in the QHubs Programme will demonstrate responsible, innovative, sustainable and ambitious business practices on the part of participating locations, underpinning Government’s ambition of promoting Ireland’s reputation as a global leader in centre and hub establishment, management, growth and innovation performance.

QHubs Verification & Certification

The QHubs Mark is awarded to locations who are verified and certified members of the Programme.

Performance against pre-defined programme targets across the six key pillars is measured biennially, leading to independent verification and certification by the NSAI.

To achieve the QHubs Mark, participating locations are passed through a rigorous audit-based process which underpins the integrity of the Programme.

As a location’s participation in the Programme evolves and the performance measurement of the location progresses, each performance milestone will set out different thresholds to achieve ongoing verification and certification, and will be recognised and rewarded accordingly.

The QHubs Growth Programme

The Growth Programme focuses on ongoing performance improvement – achieving and excelling in effectiveness and efficiency – and enabling participating locations to set and achieve measurable goals which will underpin business functions, providing ambitious, progressive and innovative services to drive performance and growth for the National Hub Network.

The QHubs Growth Programme is structured on a Framework which allows participating locations to set meaningful performance improvement goals on a mapped timeline.

Progression through the Programme is supported by mentorship and complimentary programmes, with the pace of engagement entirely driven by the participating location.

A Co-created & Inclusive Approach

The QHubs Programme is designed in a matter which reflects key guiding principles agreed by government, agencies, stakeholders and members of the National Hub Network.

  • Keep it simple!
  • Ensure transparency
  • The QHubs Programme is a journey and a which you travel at your own pace
  • The QHubs Growth Plan is customised and aligned to the strategic ambition and commitment of individual locations
  • Verification and accreditation services are provided by an independent third party expert organisation.
Oversight & Governance

The design, development and rollout of the Programme is overseen by a National Steering Group on behalf of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Representation on the Group is drawn from the following government department, organisations and key representative bodies:

Programme participation will be audited and verified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland NSAI for transparency, credibility, brand reinforcement and differentiation. This verification process will ensure locations meet the minimum performance standards set out under the QHubs Programme.

  • The QHubs Programme supports the development and long term sustainability of the National Hub Network through the integration of key management and innovation imperatives into core business practices
  • The Programme fosters excellence in performance across the National Hub Network by establishing and continually improving the management systems within centre and hub locations nationally
  • The Programme drives the performance of the National Hub Network so as to optimise quality, innovation and additional core management performance metrics across the Network
  • The Programme ensures that locations across the National Hub Network are recognised as key actors in the regional enterprise infrastructure and are equipped to meet the ambition of entrepreneurs and businesses in their region
  • The Programme offers centre and hub locations a valuable promotional tool to facilitate and support the interactions of FDI, micro and SME business offering opportunities for partnerships and collaborative engagements.