SmartUp Project

The SmartUp Project began in 2019, bringing together partners from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Ireland to develop a digital-based Resource Framework for start-ups and small business owners when alerted to early warning signals of business crisis. The Framework addresses ways in which business leaders can take timely, corrective action under adverse market or environmental conditions.

CEAI is responsible for the design and implementation of the Project’s Sustainability Strategy. This Strategy sets out the steps to be taken by each Project Partner to ensure the successful completion of project deliverables. The Strategy is underpinned by the ambition of the Project Consortium to build new networks, support the creation of Regional Innovation Partnerships, showcase and promote the Framework of resources, and identify opportunities for independent, third-party accreditation. A key ambition of the Strategy is to develop a Partner Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Agreement to establish partners’ intellectual rights and, importantly ensure open-access to digital resources following completion of the Project.