#BuildBackBetter … Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan





June 1st, 2021

Today sees the launch of the much anticipated National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Ireland.

Building on the extensive supports the Government put in place since the start of the pandemic, this Plan sets out a new phase of supports, investment and policies for a new stage of economic recovery and renewal.

Government’s overarching ambition is to have 2.5 million people in work by 2024, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Many of these jobs will be more productive, innovative, resilient and in new areas of opportunity, aligned with the Government’s green and digital ambitions.

The overall objective of Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan is to contribute to a sustainable, equitable, green and digital recovery effort, in a manner that complements and supports the Government’s broader recovery efforts.

Ireland’s Plan will do this through a set of 16 investments and 9 reform commitments, to a total value of just under €1 billion, to be supported both by grants from the Recovery and Resilience Facility and national funds.

Government actions committed to economic recovery are set out here